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At last, the ability to smoothly run your Toastmasters club.

CLUBPLAN is a web-accessed software tool that has been created to enhance the running of Toastmasters clubs.

This edition has been tailored for Toastmasters, but the roles and meeting formats are dynamic - so can be tailored for almost any club type.

Already used by a number of Toastmaster clubs (as well as other types of clubs), the key benefits of Clubplan include centralised members roster, allocation of roles by the EVP, automatic email notification to members, automatic meeting reminders, self maintaining member details, full integration into your existing website and many other features. Personal data is kept confidential, available only to designated club officers.

I have no hesitation in saying that this is the best Club Management software on the web. If there was a better one I'd be using that instead of writing one.

SIGN UP for a free full-featured three month evaluation. At the end of the evaluation period you may subscribe or opt for the free-for-life "Light" version.

About CLUBPLAN for Toastmasters


CLUBPLAN has been written to make administration of your Toastmasters club as simple and self-maintaining as possible


Members can use it to:


When users assign themselves to a role, the EVP and the meeting organiser (Toastmaster or Chairman) will be sent an email.  The EVP and the Toastmaster can over-ride any bookings made by members.


Club Officers have additional options:


Meeting Organisers have functions in addition to their ordinary member functions.

  • The meeting organiser (Toastmaster or Chairman) can assign members to roles for the meetings under their control.
  • View membersí details on the membersí database.
  • Send broadcasts (by email) to all meeting participants





There are separate screens for Members, Guests, Correspondents, Luminaries and Ex-Members.



The Meeting Schedule is used to send out timely reminders to everybody on the database.  People with roles are reminded of their roles, members without roles are told if there are asny roles available and urged to take them up (by hitting the link of course).



There's a Broadcast feature which allows you to write to any subgroup of members you want to talk to (e.g. Paid-Up members, Lumaries, Everybody)



I will provide you with links and sample HTML which will seamlessly integrate into your existing website.  Typically, itís as simple as adding a MEMBERS option to your existing menu. 


There are also a number of other useful pages:

You can utilise as many or as few of these options as you wish to.


Last Updated: Mon 20-Oct-2008

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